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9 powerful ways to attract foxes to your yard

9 Powerful Ways to Attract Foxes to Your Yard

9 powerful ways to attract foxes to your yard

Watching a fox suddenly walking by the yard will be something out of the ordinary, especially for those of you who like wildlife. But those who are afraid of him may not want a fox roaming their home. This article is dedicated to those of you who are not afraid of foxes and want to see real foxes and how to attract foxes to your garden so that you can see them, take photos and videos.

Foxes are docile and shy with humans, but as living creatures, foxes don't stand still and will roam where they like. If in the area where you live there are still herds of wild foxes, then you can make a strategy so that they can also come to your backyard.

Intentionally inviting a fox to your yard just once is probably not a problem with the law. But if it is done frequently, is it not against the law? That's why you first find out the rules in your country. If it's okay to invite wild foxes, then you can do some of the ways to bring foxes below so you can witness the great moment when the animal enters your yard.

How to make the fox want to enter the yard

The most common type of fox and still easy to attract to our pages is the red or grey fox. If you live in one of the northern states, you may see an arctic fox. The smallest of all foxes is a super-cute kit fox that lives in desert areas or other fox species that live in the wild and still thrive in your country.

The appearance of the fox the shy animal in your backyard will be a good sight in the morning or afternoon especially when it rains. Of course you want to take photos or videos. And because of that you would expect this event to happen frequently. Attracting a fox to your yard with the occasional treat is certainly different from having a pet of your own. The existence of wild animals should not depend on humans who feed them, so create a suitable habitat, but you can still provide them with food alone without any desire to catch and maintain.

If you have pets such as chickens, cats or small dogs that you love, then don't pull the fox to where the pet is usually located. Because it is feared that the arrival of the fox could threaten the safety of your pet. Because foxes are omnivorous animals that eat meat and fruits. And you shouldn't attract foxes to your neighbors' area without asking their permission.

Please attention to the laws governing wildlife in your country. Is it illegal or legal to feed wild animals, so that your activity of feeding foxes does not violate the law. Some countries prohibit their citizens from intentionally feeding wildlife without obtaining official permission from the government. The reason is because it can affect the nature of animals to find food which will eventually disrupt their normal behavior patterns which result in disruption of their reproduction.

Because foxes are used to going out at night, the place you want the fox to go should not be dark, install some lights in the area so that when they appear, you can see them clearly. Here are some ways and tools to attract foxes to your backyard.

Start Laying Small Bait at Winter

Winter is a difficult time for wild animals to get food. Since foxes have a hard time finding fruit or small animals they usually eat, they will try hard to survive by looking for food elsewhere. This is an opportunity for you to put food bait in your yard. But, do not provide it completely because the fox will be dependent.

During the winter, there will be less annoying odors around, so any fox will be able to spot the smell of the bait food you provide. And once the animal is sure that your yard is a safe zone, then they will often come to your place in search of food.

Use Foods with Strong Smells as Bait

If you have a yard area that you think will be suitable as a habitat for foxes because the place is safe from human or other animal disturbance, then you intend to want the fox to stop at that place, then the way you should do is to provide small portions of food that smells pungent. For example, canned dog food, fish meat, or fish-flavored cat food can be an option to invite the arrival of the fox.

This method will be succeed for the first time or fail. If you have a CCTV camera, you may be able to see the recordings. If the first day of the fox does not come, then do not despair, you can do it again. But you have to throw out all the remaining bait every morning so that flies, ants or mice don't come.

Place the Bait in an Accessible Place for the Foxes

When the fox is provoked by the smell of the food you put, he will not immediately approach the food, but will attention to his surroundings with his ears and instincts. If the fox is sure it is safe, it will slowly approach the bait you place. But still the fox will be wary. If on this first day the fox feels safe and finishes the bait, then tomorrow the fox will definitely return to the place of the bait, and it will become a habit. Therefore you have to look around your backyard and find a suitable position to put the bait.

No Noise

When you want to attract wild foxes to your yard, you must know that wild foxes will run away if they hear a loud noise. Different from your cat or dog, which is not affected by noise because they are used to dealing with humans. Some sources of noise that must be kept away so that foxes want to enter your yard are the sound of barking dogs, the sound of bells, musical instruments, or televisions that can be heard in the backyard.

Plant Shrubs as Properties for the Foxes to Hide

Foxes are shy animals, so they prefer to hide in bushes that cover themselves. The advantage of planting shrubs is that your fox will feel comfortable with having a hiding place, so it won't go as far from your area of ​​the house as you'd like. And maybe it will become a new habitat for the fox.

Create a Compost Pile

Creating a compost heap is to lure in the appearance of rodents, which are the fox's natural prey. Because if the fox has detected a place where there is a prey animal, then he will always come around that place because it is the nature of wild foxes as predators. And generally rodents are always attracted to come to the compost heap.

Providing The Tree Trunks

Just as the fox's natural habitat is to live and breed in nests under trees, we can intentionally keep fallen trees in your yard. In this way, the fox, which was initially only interested in food bait, will eventually look for a place that he thinks is comfortable to live in, especially when winter arrives.

Planting Fruit Trees

If you like the arrival of foxes into your backyard, you'll want to see them every day. If you always provide food for bait it can make your neighbors suspicious, and you may also be in trouble with the law. The solution is that you have to plant a fruit tree that you like and feed the foxes. So in this way the fox will come every day in addition to eating the fruit, also to get other prey such as birds or rodents that also like to eat the fruit or come to the tree, and you will not have any problems with the law because the arrival of the fox is natural.

Making a Pool to Attract Foxes

Wild animals of any kind tend to come to places where there is a water source for them to drink and wet their bodies. That's why making a small pool in the backyard is a good idea to attract foxes to your place. You can keep fish or not, as long as the pond is filled with clean water or rainwater, the animals will be willing to come there. And the advantage is that the fox will often come to your place where water is available even if you don't put food down.

Finally, if you like foxes coming to your yard, then you can do the 9 ways above, provided that your actions do not become a problem with your family or neighbors, nor do you violate the laws in your country regarding the protection of protected wild animals.

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