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Easy Ways to Clean your lawnmower Riding Deck

Easy Ways to Clean your lawnmower Riding Deck

Easy Ways to Clean your lawnmower Riding Deck

Having a beautiful and clean yard is the desire of many people. One of the requirements for a clean and tidy yard is if you always cut the grass and don't even leave it long unevenly.

To tidy up the grass, of course, we need a tool to facilitate the work, namely a cutting machine. There are three types of cutting machines that are popular and commonly used by people, namely the handle cutting machine, push cutting machine and Riding lawnmower.

Among the three types, Riding lawnmower is indeed the best, although the price is more expensive than the other two types. The advantage of a riding mower is that the grass will be cut to an even height and you won't be tired even if you have to walk around the yard. The only drawback of the handle mower is that the grass is not cut at the same height. Meanwhile, the disadvantage of a push cut machine is that you will be tired because you have to go around a large yard while pushing a fairly heavy machine. This article will discuss about Riding lawnmower, how to care for it and how to clean it.

After use, of course the machine will be dirty, including the deck. And to clean the engine deck there are several ways and it depends on the brand of the engine. Some mowers have a hose connection that you can connect to a water faucet and then the water flows down the deck and carries away any adhering soil or grass. Some lawn mowers don't have a hose connection so you have to get down to clean them using a scraper while flushing with water.

You must clean the engine deck after each use. This is done as a maintenance so that all parts of the lawn mower are durable and do not get damaged quickly. Because when cutting grass in the yard there must be dirt such as soil, garbage and wet and dry grass that sticks to the engine and if left unchecked can cause engine parts to rust or jam in certain parts.

Reasons and Benefits of Cleaning the Lawnmower Riding Machine Deck

Some people are lazy to keep clean. Riding lawnmowers usually just change engine oil and add gasoline, but rarely clean the entire engine regularly. Whereas routinely cleaning the machine will make the machine's service life longer and not damaged.

Did you know that not only grass in the yard, there may be stones, wood, plastic and other objects that you do not know and are in the yard covered with grass. When you mow the lawn using a Riding lawnmower, the rotating parts of the mower may hit objects other than grass, such as rocks and then bounce off the engine deck or other parts of the engine.

If you ignore objects that enter this part of the machine, it may clog the workings of one part of the machine and eventually the machine will be damaged. Therefore you should take the time to inspect all parts of the machine and remove any foreign objects that are in the machine.

Another benefit of cleaning the lawn mower deck is as a way to ensure airflow within the deck is operating properly. Because if the air flow is blocked by foreign objects, then the engine performance will be poor so that the process of cutting the grass in your yard is not as desired.

Prohibition of Mowing Wet Grass Using a Riding Lawnmower

There are several reasons why mowing wet grass with a lawn mower is not recommended, namely:

  1. Wet grass is more difficult to cut,
  2. Splashing water mixed with soil that enters the machine will make the engine parts dirty and rust,
  3. Because the soil is wet, you will see the ruts of Riding lawnmower in your yard so that the appearance of the yard is not beautiful.
  4. Wet grass will not be cut perfectly, so it will be related to other grass and maybe the grass in the yard will be uprooted without being cut.
  5. One of the problems in the yard is weeds. When you mow the grass in wet conditions it will make it easier for weeds to spread because the seeds are accidentally carried by the mower and are scattered throughout the yard.

Easy Ways to Clean the Riding Lawnmower Deck

There are two ways to clean the deck of the Riding lawnmower machine, namely using water or using air. The first way is that you spray the engine deck using water, then let the engine deck dry before you store it so that the engine deck does not rust. The second way is that you spray the engine deck using air from the compressor engine. And it is recommended that once every three months you check all parts of the engine, provide lubricant and see if there may be loose bolts so that they are tightened again.

Finally, it is recommended that you clean the Riding lawnmower after every use and keep the engine deck in a dry condition to avoid rust. If you hear a strange sound such as a rough knocking sound, it should be checked immediately, as a stone may have entered the engine part, or there may be a loose engine part that needs to be re-tightened. Change the engine oil regularly, never let the engine oil dry because it will make the engine hot and eventually the engine will be damaged.

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