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Can Big Green Eggs Get Wet and Affect Baking Results?

Can Big Green Eggs Get Wet and Affect Baking Results?

Can Big Green Eggs Get Wet and Affect Baking Results? - In this article, we will explain about one type of baking tool, namely the Big Green Egg. Unlike other barbecues which are square in shape, this appliance is oval in shape like a large egg and is green in color. This grill is made of ceramic and can withstand high temperatures and has a lid that makes it perfect for grilling or smoking meat.

If we see a wet big green egg should we worry? In this article, we will explain about blg green eggs, how to care for them and what to avoid, and what to do to make big green eggs last for years.

What is a Big Green Egg?

Big Green Egg is a baking utensil made of ceramic, round like an egg and green in color. The size is large so it is free to bake a lot of food at once. You can also bake different foods at different times, but it's best if the baked goods smell similar to each other so that the flavors and aromas are not mixed and confused.

Its egg-like shape allows it to reach high temperatures and heat evenly so you don't have to worry about the barbecue being partially cooked or partially charred. This toaster is also equipped with various cooking accessories, such as an ash catcher and a plate setter, so you can easily arrange food to be baked or cooked. Also, this big green egg doesn't produce as much smoke as a conventional grill, so your eyes won't sting because of the burning smoke.

For those of you who like the texture of barbecue that is cooked, tender and slightly runny, we recommend using Big Green Egg. Because its almost closed shape makes the space inside becomes moist so that the cooked food is cooked, not dry and a little runny.

How Do Big Green Eggs Work?

How to use big green egg for baking is quite easy. First you burn natural charcoal, then put the food you want to grill into the big green egg, then close the lid and wait until it's cooked. Also on the big green egg there are accessories to adjust the heat level.

Can Big Green Eggs Get Wet?

The answer is yes, Big Green Eggs can get wet. The reason is that the smoke and water vapor from the food don't come out all because it is blocked by the cover, so when you finish baking and the big green egg has cooled, water will appear in it. And this is very normal, all you do is clean using a dry cloth. But never use ceramic cleaning chemicals because they will damage the strength of the big green egg.

The advantage of using the big green egg is that it has a closed design so it can protect food in the event of rain when you barbecue outdoors. There is also a big green egg which is equipped with wheels for easy portability outside the room or into the house. But if it rains heavily, you should move it into the room because continuous rain can reduce the heat level of big green eggs so that the baking process is not perfect.

Big green egg using wheels
Big green egg using the wheels

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What Should You Do If Your Big Green Egg Is Wet?

If your Big Green Eggs are completely wet for example from rain, then you need to take steps to keep them from spoiling and making them ready to bake again. The first way you have to remove cooking accessories, such as ash catchers and plate setters. This is done to make it easier for you to dry all parts of the big green egg.

Next use a soft dry cloth to dry all parts of the big green egg and its accessories. If necessary, use dish soap to remove stains or grease. Do this until all parts are clean and then dry. After that you attach all the accessories again and the big green egg is ready to use.

Can Big Green Eggs Be Left Outside?

To keep the big green egg durable, it should be stored indoors. Because if you store it outdoors, even if you cover it with a tarp, it is feared that changes in temperature will cause cracks in the ceramics and the big green egg will be damaged.

Tips for Caring for Your Big Green Eggs

Given that big green eggs are made of ceramic, there are several steps to keep them durable, namely, when you finish baking all dishes, leave the big green egg open so that it cools immediately, but don't flush with water because the temperature of the big green egg If it is hot, if it is directly exposed to water, it can cause cracks.

Keep the accessories and connections clean so that there is no dirt stuck to the cover, for example, the big green egg cover must always be clean so that the roasting process is perfect. Also if the seal is damaged you should replace it with a new seal. Because the function of this seal is very important to get good heat quality in big green eggs.

In conclusion, to make big green eggs last for years, cleanliness is an important point. And you also have to keep it dry when not in use. With these tips, big green eggs will last longer.

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